I still luv the smell of London

I still luv the smell of London

Thursday, 18 September 2008

My View on Art!

My parents should somehow have known that being born and bred, even partly, in a westernised society would have had an impact on the way that I’d eventually reason… or should they?... maybe not.
The photo I have put up is one of me; however for me it represents a million and one things, a voice, a statement, but most importantly an expression of my creativity and of self.
The background I’ll give briefly: I’m a member of the ‘photography network ‘Shutter Chance’ and there are quite a few Nigerians on it. There was a bit of a ‘tiff’ when certain photographers started posting nude photos and certain others decided that SC needed to put up a ban against these. Personally I thought it was ridiculous , so I did 'unashamed'. Photography is to some an art and to others a craft. The Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy simply states that the definition of art ‘is controversial in contemporary philosophy’. Those who dare to define art, come up with ambiguous and unclear definitions as:

‘Art refers to a diverse range of human activities, creations, and expressions that are appealing to the senses or emotions of a human individual’

What the heck does that mean? Basically it is dependent on the irrational, malleable, unstable, radical, controversial, changeable, mind of the earthling. Art is what the individual wants it to be, no one is saying accept it… just let every one decide what they want their view of art to be!... after all the SATC character, Russian ‘Aleksander Petrovsky’s’ rendition of Art was a dirty, silent, unemotional, size 12 chic not eating for 16 days (I think) being on display at a museum. For some, that denial of self was extremely soulful and emotional, for others like ‘Carrie Bradshaw’, it was a joke. Da Vinci’s rendition of art was a man with perfect symmetrical features; ‘The Vitruvian Man’, Dan Brown’s art was a fictional tale of the mysteries that surrounded the ‘art legend, Da Vinci,’ and a summation of weird, dark and almost undecipherable messages he had woven into his paintings…
As I look continuously to art as an expression of creativity and of self, the need to see what the world perceives as normal becomes inconsequential… I tend to look for what I like and what I find fascinating and acceptable. I was initially going to call this piece; ‘Art vs. Porn’, then ‘Normal vs. Avant Garde’ … it suddenly hit me that this is not a competition of antonyms.
The view decided upon is solely the viewer’s, that’s the beauty of art. The only thing I do ask is that you comment respectfully should you choose to, as I do not subscribe to destructive criticism… my point is don’t make it personal… ‘Live and let live’


Funms said...

u summed it up........ live and let live.....
the truth is, most people r very hyprocitical and art has many interpretations...keep doing ur thing
nice pic btw and thanx for visiting my blog... i'd def, be back here

Rita said...

I see you really appreciate art.

Art in any form is really dependent on the viewer (or hearer or reader for the other forms of art). That is what I like about it.

I admire you for the statement that you do not subscribe to destructive criticism...

Thanks for dropping by my blog.

UnNaked Soul said...


I am intrigued by your level of creativity... :-)

NewLife said...

Ade, you are indeed a very beautiful African queen, and I totally have an appreciation for art and I do see where you are coming from on some things.

However, with all due respect, I still think some things should be kept sacred, a womans naked body is so beautiful and God made it that way.

My question is especially since you are not anonymous if you are not married you will be, what will your husband think? what about children? will they be embarrased in the future? What about career? 5,10,15 years from now, could it be used against you?

A womans body is a beautiful work of art even with clothes on. The lucky man should be the one to Savor its nakedness and sacredness in a marriage bed, you deserve a Godly man and I'm sure he wouldnt want to share his prize on a World Wide Web. What do you think?

Smaragd said...

"ART is an expression of creativity and of self"

i concur!

i'm not an artist, at least not in the conventional way. but i'm an artist, with my clothes, my make-up, my writing, my pictures,my thoughts...

Art is an expression of YOU.

p.s. it's esmeralda, just changed back to my old pseudonym. this also an expression of my art i guess, my indecisiveness!lol

it's that simple to me.

Ade Adeyemi said...

@ funms: thanks for coming thru... totally appreciate it!
@ rita: thanks... i do luv art, the more i learn about it, the more intriguing it becomes.
@ unnaked - thanks and stay on top!
@ newlife: thanks... i see your point, however i do hope that the person i do eventually marry gets to know me for who i really am and understands that his role in my life is destiny ordained and purpose driven that an expression of my self and creativity is too trivial to miss being with someone as wonderful and amazing as me. i did however have a conversation with my man before i posted this and he simply said ' u dont need my approval, i trust your judgement' and i think the biggest gift my man can give me is the ability and freedom to be me. About kids, they can decide themselves, but hopefully they'll see it as one of 'mom's best pieces' as opposed to 'she embarrassed us'... with work, i guess in the long run i will be working for myself, so... hey... and i believe that people would see this as once again 'a great piece of art' and not slotty Ade... the most important thing for me however is that this is an expression of my self , it is one of my best pieces of work and it makes me smile. the other thing is that i made a decision a few months ago to laugh thru life and do what i wanted to do within reason... and babe that's it , u've mentioned a few relationships' here, partner, work and kids... in samantha's (satc) words, the relationship i've been in for the last 27 years is the most crucial one, the relationship i've had with myself and thats the one i need to focus on! i strongly believe that if i can get that one right then the others will simply fall into place... once again, thanks for coming thru and congratulations!
@smaragd- u see indecisiveness, i see the amazing ability to take on new characters/ names and excellent writing... thanks!

desperate lady said...

Girrrrrrrl I can't believe this! I miss u loadssssss, its not even funny.......gosh!
Saw ur pic, fine girl no pimple! Dats u in d pic right? U dnt look ur age @ all.
U knw wut.....let me just send u an email dan blab here......
Wil b bck 2 read dis post, cnt wait 4 d sex post lol!

Afronuts said...

Art is loaded and has no end.
sometimes it opens ur eyes to what u didnt initially see.

Only deep minds usually get to see that.

Ur 'Unashamed' pix...is that it on this entry? And were u the model?
...cause it looks like u!

Ade Adeyemi said...

@dl: gurrrrlllll!!! It's all me. Gosh I've missed u. Thanks for coming thru. Heading to ur blog!
@Afronuts! Fortunately I am the totally unashamed sitter in the photo; thanks for coming thru.

Buttercup said...

art really is controversial..i wonder y people do not honor n respect the whole 'freedom of choice' thing..

im not an artist, i have no artistic qualities, at least i dont think i do, but i do admire what u r doin!

1st time here..

remorji said...

That is truly and amazing picture, to me it displays both beauty and passion. I always thought the European society was more open to nudity compared to the U.S. But anyway keep doing your thing. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I totally appreciate you leaving a comment also.

Vera Ezimora said...

Love the picture with the alomost-empty glass of wine. Reaaly love it.

James Tubman said...

that model doesnt adequately descride who afrikan people are
so we shhouldnt ascribe to it

its just as simple as that

thanx for stoping by my blog

Naapali said...

when i saw your comment I thought the name was familiar and I thought SC but couldn't be sure.

I liked this post, pictures and writing.

Moanerplicity said...

There is such a HUGE difference between True Art & porn. Nudity alone isn't pornographic, as we're all born naked. Did we come into this world being porn stars? I think not. Nudity is natural in its artfulness, & I commend you for tastefully exhibiting your self as art.

Thanks for rollin thru.

Snatch JOY!


NikkiSab said...

lovely, lovely pictures.

Anonymous said...

wow, such a stylish page...you go girl!!

flabby said...

that is a beautiful picture..u know what i often wonder? why is nudity such a HUGE deal..as in it actually fascinates me..something about temptation and what?

*goes to think about it*

Sele Akobo(curvyice) said...

I love love love this piece.....I see art as what u the onlooker make out of it.....I love art irrespective of its shape, size n appearance.what matters is that it makes a connection with me.. Beautiful piece i must say.

The Invisible Man said...

Art is beautiful.. like ur blog. First time here holla.